Review of Negra Modelo

Variety is the spice of life as they say, so we decided to step outside of the box this past weekend and give a new beer a chance. If you follow our site, then you know that we are fans of dark beers and Guinness reigns king when it comes to dark beers. That's why we were intrigued when we saw Modelo Negra.

Modelo is a beer we have tried before. It's probably our favorite when it comes to Mexican beers, or cervezas, because it's light without being too light. Modelo also pairs well with all kinds of foods, so it's great with tacos by the beach. But we had no clue the company made a darker version.

This Munich Dunkel-style lager (Dunkel means dark in German) achieves its color and flavor with a longer roasting process and by using dark malts in the recipe. The overall outcome is a dark beer that is not quite as thick or bitter as something like a Guinness. In fact, we found the dark subdued flavor to be a bit roasty with a caramel hint that was quite smooth and somewhat sweet in flavor. That make it easy to drink and pair with a variety of foods. We enjoyed ours with what else, a steak, but can see where Modelo Negra would work with many other meals.

With 5.4% alcohol the beer is strong enough to provided a decent buzz with a few bottles. If you are a calorie counter, Modelo Negra isn't the lowest calorie beer around with 173 calories per bottle (16 grams of carbs). Since we don't drink that often, we are willing to trade a few calories for flavor come the weekend. An added bonus is 1.5 grams of protein per bottle though we don't recommended beer as a protein supplement.

If you are a dark beer fan, give Modelo Negra a try. It's a good choice when you're looking for something different. It is the best selling dark beer in Mexico so that should say something.