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Buried Alive? Here is How to Escape

Many people share a common nightmare - being buried alive. Called taphophobia, people who suffer from this phobia are afraid that they will be placed in their grave while they are still alive. The phobia is related to other irrational fears such as claustrophobia (fear of tight or enclosed spaces), thanatophobia (fear of death), placophobia (fear of tombstones), and coimetrophobia (fear of cemeteries).

In historic times, being buried alive was a valid fear. Before physical death was fully understood many diseases and ailments were mistaken and the sufferers presumed dead. For example those who suffered from cholera, a disease were the victim becomes so dehydrated that their skin turns a bluish-gray, were often assumed to be dead. Those who were in a comatose state were often presumed dead. Premature burials occurred often enough that it has become the stuff of urban legend and a theme in many horror movies.

With modern medicine, the chances of being mistaken for dead are slim, but just in case we have put together a survival list in case you find yourself in this awkward situation. We are not going to ask questions about how you got into the situation or why someone buried you alive, but if you have been a victim of premature burial please comment below. For everyone else memorize this premature burial survival checklist - it may literally save your life.

1. Try to stay calm. Your supply of oxygen is limited inside of a coffin and you probably only have 1-2 hours of survival time. You don't want to waste your oxygen supply by screaming or hyperventilating. Try to control your breath and inhale and exhale slowly to keep your oxygen usage down.

2. If somehow you were buried with a match or lighter - DO NOT USE IT. Fire devices will deplete your supply of oxygen. Happen to have a flashlight? Great, use it to help assess your situation.

3. Try to shake the lid of your coffin. If you're lucky it was left ajar and that will help you escape. If you're a poor boy from a poor family, a cheap coffin might be weak enough that you can make a small hole by scratching it with a wedding ring or even a belt buckle.

4. Take a piece of clothing like your shirt to make a dirt mask for your face. As you start to work your way out, dirt will fall into your coffin and could suffocate you. A shirt tied over your face in a knot will serve as a make shift air filter.

5. Start kicking or pushing at the coffin lid to break it loose. A low quality coffin lid may break under the weight of the dirt it is holding up. That means you will get a sudden rush of dirt into your chamber, but it will make escape easier. As dirt enters the coffin use your arms and legs to move the dirt away from you and into the corners so you have room to work.

6. Work quickly and steadily. The dirt will fill your area and if you stop the weight of the dirt may immobilize you. Try to sit up as quickly as you can. Stay calm, but pray that it has not rained. Wet dirt is heavy and compressed making escape harder. If it has not rained, escape will not be easy - but is doable. The dirt on a fresh grave has yet to settle or compress and should move easily as you climb your weigh to freedom.

7. Once you have reached the surface, breathe a sigh of relief. Then start plotting revenge on the dumb ass who thought you were dead. If it was a doctor, call your attorney as soon as possible. You may be eligible for compensation if you were misdiagnosed due to medical negligence.

Comment below and tell us: What is your greatest fear?


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