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Review of the MSM Patch Panel

If you follow the tactical or EDC community, then you have probably heard of Mil-Spec Monkey. The guy has been around for years selling tactical gear and accessories. He did a collaboration with Maxpedition to create the Monkey Combat Admin pouch that was hugely successful and also collaborates with Tactical Tailor (a supplier to the military and law enforcement) on many designs.

Though we always had the itch to buy something from the Monkey, none of the gear met our needs at the time. Then we purchased a new EDC bag that had a hook and loop field which was crying out for more organization. We took some measurements and did some exhaustive research on what would fit perfectly, but still blend in like it was original equipment. There was only one choice: the MSM small patch panel.

The Mil-Spec Monkey small patch panel is basically a small zippered pouch that measures 6" x 4.25" on the outside. It is attached with 2 color matching short MALICE clips. So even though it was not hook and loop, the area we had to work with was Molle or Malice compatible. We emptied our bag to have space to work and weaved the clips through the pouch and the bag panel. The pouch fit perfectly and we couldn't be happier. In fact, we ordered a second one before they sell out. The fit is secure because the MALICE clips 'click' to lock in place meaning no worries about ripping the pouch out of the bag when you pull on the zipper.

The panel is a no frills, simple dump pouch of sorts: it's kind of like a big coin purse, but don't let your friends call it a purse though because it is very manly and tactical with 5.25" x 3.25" of loop/pile space for attaching your favorite morale patches or name tapes. The zipper opens and closes extremely smooth and has yet to jam - trust us we tried it.

If you have the idea of using the pouch as a wallet, we already thought of that. It will work, and the pouch is soft to the touch so it wouldn't snag your pants. Loaded out though, we found it a little too big for comfort in our hip pocket but it does work and fit great in a cargo pocket.

The space inside the pouch is perfect for the small items that would usually get lost in your bag - things like lighters, a small Post It notepad, Fisher Space pen (a regular sized pen needs to lay diagonally to fit), or things like charging cables and memory cards. Once our second pouch arrives, we plan to dedicate one as a small tech pouch for cables and SD cards, and use the second one for all of the other small items mentioned.

If you own a 5.11 LV10, you're probably facing the dilemma of what to do with that hook and loop field. Just so you know, two of these small patch panels will fit perfectly and leave exactly one empty column on the field. We did A LOT of research and measuring, and nothing fits this area of the LV10 as good.

The Monkey must have been thinking years ahead when designing this pouch because the wolf gray colorway was a near perfect match for our bag and looks like it came factory installed by 5.11. There is a larger version of the MSM Patch Panel that measures 10" x 6.625" with a 9" x 6" area of loop/pile space. You can get that on Amazon by clicking here. If you plan to use it on the LV10 it will fit horizontally, but vertically goes to the very bottom of the bag. It will fit, but may 'crunch up' a little if you fill the water bottle pocket which sometimes protrudes into the main pocket.

The Mil-Spec Monkey Small Patch Panel is manufactured by Tactical Tailor in the good ole USA. When looking at build quality and fit, we can't recommend it enough. For a very fair price we have added substantial organization and storage to our bag while barely using any space. It's almost like some sort of Monkey magic. Show the Monkey some love and check out some of his other creations by visiting his website.

If you're looking for a compact and durable EDC pen, check out the Fisher Space Pen on Amazon by clicking here. They even make a brass version that is affordable for those looking to build a unique EDC. Check that pen out here.