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Must Have EDC Accessory: The HEROCLIP

Must Have EDC Accessory: The HEROCLIP

If you have ever been out in public and faced the dilemma of trying to hold onto your backpack or purse to avoid putting it on the dirty ground, or on the floor of a rest room, then you need the HEROCLIP. It's one of those simple inventions that makes you say "Why didn't I think of that?" After seeing a YouTube video about it, we ordered one and put it to the test.

The HEROCLIP is a simple carabiner with an added feature: it transforms and swivels so that you can use it like a hook to hang an item safely and securely off the ground. This means you can hang a backpack or purse on the edge of a table for easy access. It also means no more sitting your bag on floors with who knows what contaminants on them.

This little carabiner is also perfect for travel because you could easily hang a toiletry or dopp kit from it during your next hotel stay. Everyone should have a HEROCLIP in their backpack for school, in your travel bag on your next business trip, or in a purse or EDC bag for day to day use.

Must Have EDC Accessory: The HEROCLIP

Front and Rear Packaging of the HEROCLIP

The HEROCLIP is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. You choose based on the weight of the item you plan to hang. The small is perfect for things like clothing, water bottles, or a light weight bag or purse. We chose the medium to make sure it was big enough to get over the edge of a desk and hold a backpack that weighs about ten pounds.

The manufacturer actually guarantees that the clip is strong enough to hold things like a bike which is pretty amazing. The medium HEROCLIP is rated to hold up to 50 pounds and we believe it. It felt under-utilized when we tested it, but hey you can't go wrong sizing up.

Must Have EDC Accessory: The HEROCLIP

Size wise, the medium is about the same dimensions as any carabiner you would use to carry keys clipped to a belt, approximately 3 inches. The medium expands to 7.25 inches when unfolded for use. It is small enough that you could carry it in a pocket. We just clip it to our bag handle for easy access when needed.

Several colors are available. We chose black to easily match any backpack, but you can get colors like blue, red, gray, green, orange, and even a camo print if you plan to use it outdoors and hiking.

Below you can see that the HEROCLIP works nicely to hang a backpack from the back of an office chair. Our bag has two handles, one at the top and one on the side like a briefcase. We tried hanging the bag by both handles and were surprised to find that it centered perfectly even though we did nothing to shift the weight of our gear around. Nice!

Must Have EDC Accessory: The HEROCLIP

We think the HEROCLIP is a perfect EDC accessory that should be in everyone's bag. You might not use it every day, but the next time your in a public restroom and can hang your backpack on the door rather then sit it on the floor - it will have earned its weight in gold.

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