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5 Reasons Why the Illuminati Probably Doesn't Exist

5 Reasons Why the Illuminati Probably Doesn't Exist

We have done our fair share of coverage on the Illuminati. With all the craziness we see in news headlines it's easy to believe there has to be someone pulling the global strings to make it all happen. As much as we want to believe that the Illuminati exists and is responsible for plenty of terrible things - a couple of nagging questions keep coming up that make us doubt the existence of the secret organization. Here are 5 Reasons why we think the Illuminati probably doesn't exist.

Too Many People Know About the Illuminati

A quick Google search will get you millions of results about the Illuminati. What that means is that if the secret organization exists, it's doing a terrible job on keeping the secret. Any secret society is going to be bound by an oath to not talk. So why do we hear so much about the Illuminati? Someone broke the oath, or it's a media invention.

Everyone is a Member

Musicians, actors, politicians ... it seems that anyone can join the Illuminati. It's like there is no entrance requirement other than maybe being rich. But rich people lose their money all the time, so there would have to be some other kind of entrance requirement beyond being rich. Good looks don't seem to be required because we haven't heard of any models being members. So how secret can it be if anyone who asks can join?

Membership in the Illuminati is Too Diverse

Even though it's mostly men, we see women accused of being Illuminati as well (here's looking at you Lady Gaga and Hilary Clinton). And those men and women come from all races and skin colors, black, white, etc. Every country on Earth is represented and any profession you can think of has a member. Is the Illuminati this diverse just to cover all the bases?

You Can't Keep a Secret That Long

The Illuminati has been around a long time. Somewhere along the lines someone would have left out a note, a memo, a handbook, SOMETHING that would give us a clue. But we have no proof that the Illuminati exists and it's just to hard for us to believe that an organization with hundreds of thousands of members could keep the secret for hundreds of years. Wouldn't there be a death bed confession or a paper trail somewhere to give us a shred of proof?

No One Has Been Outed

The Illuminati was formed in the mid-1700's but we have never heard of someone being kicked out. That seems strange. Every organization has kicked out a member for breaking the rules. Usually when someone is kicked out of their organization they have plenty to say about it. A tell all book, tv appearances, they will say anything and everything to get back at their old club. But not with the Illuminati. That means that membership is for life, or there is some sort of blood oath to never speak. Or, the Illuminati just doesn't exist.

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