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Paracord Survival Bracelet Mods

Just about everyone has a paracord bracelet because it is one of the most valuable survival items you can carry. Noted survivalist Dave Canterbury from the Modern Survival Blog lists paracord as one of his 5 C's of Survivability: Cutting, Combustion, Cover, Container and Cordage. If Dave says you should have it, then you should. But the question is how can you stay prepared while still looking cool? One guy has found the answer.

A reader named Olivier submitted the photos you see of a really simple but awesome looking mod he made to his paracord bracelet. All he did was take a couple of molle clips that are becoming all the rage in the EDC and tactical community and slipped them on the bracelet.

The one you see is available from 5.11 Tactical on their website (click here to get them). You can pick up others from sellers on Etsy. This looks so good that we have already copied the look. We found that with our paracord bracelet we had to bend the clip ever so slightly to fit it around the paracord. The mod took less than 5 minutes but looks like a million dollars.