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What is Sexy: Wet T-Shirts

With summer in full swing, it's time for guys out there to give back and sponsor local coeds who need to earn some college tuition. You could do something like start a scholarship fund, but things like that involve a lot of red tape and legal stuff would most likely eat up a lot of the cash you have set aside for good deeds.

That's why it makes sense to give directly to those in need, and a great way to do that is by hosting a wet t-shirt contest. Just about every lady looks great in a t-shirt, and if that t-shirt is wet even better. It's a perfect way for the local sorority girl to earn some quick summer cash without working the pole.

It doesn't take much. A pool helps, but hey a hose and a bucket will make do. Even some bottled water can do the trick but will look a little sketch unless you give out an award. Hit the local trophy shop to get something official made - something along the lines of "Best Tits Summer 2019". Head over to legalzoom to cover you bases and look for a release or waiver. Make sure to check ID's before the contest begins. Be sure to send us pics of the winner as well. If you don't have the cajones to host your own wet t-shirt contest - we got you covered with this weeks What is Sexy collection. It's full of sexy women showing off their finest assets. Enjoy.

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