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Review: Helikon Tactical Pocket Med Insert

A lot of people carry a small medical kit AKA 'Boo-Boo Kit' in their EDC bag or when they head outdoors. It makes sense - a small cut can make the trip miserable and put an end to your hike prematurely if that offending cut is on a small child who keeps crying. Just a band aid on the boo boo could give them the peace of mind to carry on.

Even around the office a small paper cut could bleed onto documents. Now we don't need it often, but when we do, we are sure glad we have our mini medical kit in our backpack. Filled with an assortment of feel good supplies like pain relieving gels, band aids, gauze, and butterfly bandages - not only are we prepared for our own mini medical emergencies, quite often we come to the aid of co-workers or friends who find themselves suffering from a small emergency.

Up until now, we have carried our med kit in a small zip lock baggie like you see on the left in the picture above. Actually, that is our mini med kit. But we have been on the lookout for something that was a bit more ...tactical...without looking like we are trying too hard. As tempting as it is, a large rip away IFAK just seemed like overkill for day to day, EDC, use. We searched high and low for a pouch that was small, but could still carry what we needed.

We settled on the HELIKON-TEX Medical Line Pocket Med Insert. Not only does this mini medical pouch stand out for its unique style, but it promises to fit in a cargo pants pocket. Spec wise it officially measure 5.91 x 4.53 x 1.57 in. Materials are robust: 100% Cordura with a DWR coating and a rubberized pull out handle.

Helikon Medical Pouch Packaging and Close Up View Of Seams

HELIKON-TEX may not be a brand you have heard of. We didn't know who they were until we came across this pouch. After some research we found out that Helikon is a Polish brand that was founded in 1983. Their website states: "Helikon-Tex is founded on a true passion for adventures and spending a great time outdoors. Over 35 years of experience gives us a solid background to push ahead of the game and deliver cutting edge designs to match your expectations. If you’re into shooting sports, bushcraft, trekking, urban survival or simply seek for high-quality functional gear and garments, we’re here to present you with our Urban, Range, Patrol, Outback and Bushcraft lines."

As far as the pouch goes - we are impressed. We love the layout and there isn't really anything out there that we have come across with a similar form factor or functionality in such a small package. It really does fit in a cargo pocket, we checked. It also fits into a regular pants pocket as well, or a pair of shorts which makes this mini med pouch perfect for a quick hike. Since it takes up so little space, it'll fit into just about any pouch or compartment you can find in your backpack.

Helikon Tex Medical Pouch Full Lay Out

The pouch provides ample room by doubling up the usable area with its fold over design. In the center between the two halves is a spot for a small pen or device, and another pen loop runs on the long side of the pouch. A key style loop is supplied, and everything is held securely in place while closed by a strong piece of velcro.

Above you can see our pouch fully loaded out. We actually had more room than we needed so we were able to add a few extra gauze pads and band aids, as well as an extra cooling gel packet and two packages of Bio-Freeze in case we get some aches and pains. Scissors were something that we had eliminated from our kit, but with an EMT style dedicated pocket, we included a small pair we had laying around. Even though we have included everything that we want to carry, there is still room if we want to expand and add on later.

We love this pouch so much that we thought about other ways we could use it so we could justify buying a second one. So we wondered if it could be used as a wallet. The answer is yes. In the photo above we loaded up the Helikon Medical Line Pocket Med Insert with a multi-tool, tweezers, toothpick, mini sharpie, Rite in the Rain 3x5 notebook, pen, mini flashlight, and a bunch of credit cards. We still had an unused pocket (big one behind the multi-tool) that could be used for receipts, papers, etc. The clear pocket on the front of the pouch could hold your word ID or other credit cards. Even with all this stuff, it fit in our pocket.

In conclusion, we can't recommended the Helikon Tactical Pocket Med Insert enough. The unique lay out is exactly what we were looking for and now we cant wait to get another. We plan to use that one as a mini EDC tool kit. If you don't like the medical logo on the front you could always sew a piece of velcro over it for a patch. The pouch is available in 5 different colors including black, adaptive green, olive green, coyote brown, and shadow grey which is what we chose.

Check out Helikon Tactical on their Official Website and follow them on Facebook.

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