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Does Wearing a Hat Cause Baldness?

It's a pretty common myth: wearing a hat will make you go bald. Especially wearing one indoors. We heard it from our parents all the time who didn't understand how important it was to support our team 24/7 during the playoffs. We were sure if we took the hat off they would lose. But is it true? Does wearing a hat make you go bald? We did some research and here is what we found out.

Genetics is the Main Cause of Hair Loss.

Sure you can do things to accelerate or slowdown the process, but when it all comes down to it if your genes say you going to go bald then you will. And if your genes say that you will keep your hair, you probably will. Hair loss is caused by an inherited genetic sensitivity to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop growing new hair.

Genetically driven hair loss can occur in both men and women, and some treatments can help with the problem. Propecia (finasteride) is a drug which blocks the production of DHT though there are side effects. Propecia must be prescribed by a doctor but over the counter treatments like Minoxidil foam (Rogaine) have worked for some.

Hair Pulling Can Contribute

Tension on the hair follicle, such as wearing a tight pony tail or braids, can put stress on hair and make it fall out. Eventually that hair may not grow back. So getting rid of the man bun might help you keep your hair. Just so you know, the occasional tugging on your girlfriends hair in bed isn't going to make her go bald.

Don't Wear a Tight Hat

If you wear your hat so tight that it leaves marks on your head, or you feel a little light headed when you take it off it probably means you are cutting off circulation to the scalp. That constant irritation and inflammation of the follicle can contribute to hair loss over years. So adjust the back to be a little looser, and if your hat is fitted - size up.

Pay Attention to Materials in Hats

The dyes used in the materials of a hat can irritate the scalp of some, so if you find that your head gets itchy while wearing a hat try washing it. If it still irritates your scalp, get rid of it. Again that constant irritation could lead to hair fall out especially if you are already genetically predisposed to baldness. Materials like wool irritate many people, so read the label on your hat before buying it.

Keep Your Hat Clean

We see plenty of guys with stained and nasty hats all the time. The salt excreted while you sweat could also irritate the scalp and accelerate hair loss. If your hat is sweat stained, wash it. I know it's hard to wash an expensive hat since they often lose their shape, but cages like the BallcapBuddy cap washer help ensure that your expensive snap back keeps its shape and isn't making your hair fall out.

Good News: Wearing a Hat Might Help You Keep Your Hair

If you like wearing hats, you don't need to give it up. As long as it's sized right and clean a hat might help protect your scalp and help you keep your hair. A hat keeps UV rays off your scalp and face which cause sun damage and skin cancer. A hat also prevents a sunburned scalp which is sure to make some hair fall out.