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Cooling Bikini Inserts Prevents Boob Sweat

Cooling Bikini Top Prevents Boob Sweat

As much as we enjoy seeing women in bikinis, especially when there's a little boob sweat to drool over, apparently it's a serious problem for women out there. That's why a company called Polar Products has invented the worlds first cooling bra inserts aimed at reducing boob sweat.

The product is called Bra Coolers: freezable inserts that stick in a bra to keep boobs cool on hot summer days. Sorta like those ice packs you keep in your Igloo Cooler. Available in a variety of sizes, each pair includes cotton covers to prevent ice burn we guess.

They freeze at a chilly temperature of 58 degrees. Smaller chested girls can get by with a single set, but more endowed ladies of the D Cup variety will need to purchase two sets for full cooling coverage. Bra Coolers are not to expensive so you can look like a good guy and get her a present that helps you out as well.

Normally we wouldn't encourage our guy readers to purchase something that prevents something as sexy as boob sweat, but we thought about it and there are a few benefits to the Bra Coolers. One, they are like bra padding which will make boobs look bigger. Two, they are also going to lead to hard nipples AKA Highbeams which is another sexy benefit. Three, you could probably borrow them in a pinch to keep your beer cold.

If you want to buy your lady a pair, visit the Polar Products site by clicking here.