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Sasquatch Gear for Campers and Hikers

We came across a couple of interesting items on Amazon that are perfect for the Bigfoot or Sasquatch researcher. The best thing is that these tools from Ultimate Survival Technologies are useful. Keeping a few of these Sasquatch themed tools at your campsite just might let the big guy know you're friendly. Let's take a look at them and you can decide if they are worth adding to your camping gear or EDC bag.

This Sasquatch themed mutitool just might help you get out of a jam. Made from steel for durability, it can tackle a variety of outdoor requirements with eight built in tools including several hex wrenches, can opener, cord cutter, 1 inch ruler, flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, butterfly wrench, and of course a bottle opener. It measures 3.6” H x 2.5” W x 0.1" D and weighs only 1.2 oz. The Sasquatch multitool is TSA-compliant and includes a handy carabiner for easy access on your gear, belt, bag, or wherever you want to hang it. Get one by clicking here.

The UST Light a Long includes two Sasquatch shaped safety lights for the price which makes it a great deal. The light helps add some low glow visibility while on evening or night hikes. The housing is plastic which keeps it light weight and it weighs just .29 ounces while measuring 2.6 x 0.8 x 0.5 inches. CR1220 button-cell batteries are included so it works right out of the package. You can easily attach it to a key chain or zipper, and the UST Sasquatch light is water and cold resistant. Get one by clicking here.

The UST Grill a Long Spatula is perfect for grilling and tailgating. It features a wood handle with a telescoping design that measures 16 inches when closed, but extends all the way out to 30. 5” inches for long reach into the grill or campfire. It's lightweight as well at only 8 oz. Side serrations on the spatula help with cutting into meat, and the cut out in the center functions as a bottle opener. Get one by clicking here.

The UST Grill a Long Extendable Fork makes a nice camp cooking set with the spatula above. It also measure 16 inches collapsed and can extend out to 27.4 inches for long reach when cooking marshmallows and hot dogs. A two pronged tip gives good grip and a wooden handle that matches the spatula eliminates heat transfer to ensure that it doesn't get too hot for kids to handle. Get one by clicking here.