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Review: GOX Zippered Travel Pouches

Review: GOX Zippered Travel Pouches

We found ourselves ill prepared recently when work announced that we would need to travel for an out of town conference. Sure, we had a couple of gym duffel bags that would work for carrying clothes and stuff to get us by until we could afford a fancy suitcase. We didn't have anything that would keep our clothes from getting soaked if our shampoo and shave cream decided to leak all over the place. We rushed over to Amazon and did a search for toiletry bags and came across the GOX zippered travel pouches.

Review: GOX Zippered Travel Pouches

Thanks to our Prime membership we got these bags in time to pack for our trip. It was only a two day conference but we have been really impressed by these pouches. The GOX bags are made from 420D nylon which isn't the heaviest duty stuff out there if you are used to bags with 1000d cordura and molle straps, but it is durable enough for every day use. If you are engaging in less than tactical conditions like overnight stays or organizing an EDC bag, these things just might be perfect.

Speaking of organization, the GOX zippered pouches are available in a bunch of colors (blue, green, gray, orange, and pink) so if you have OCD like we do - you can divide up your gear by color. We made up a first aid kit in an orange one, grooming kit in a gray bag, and miscellaneous gear in the green one. They also include a hanging hook like most zippered travel bags do which makes it easy to attach to the outside of a backpack for easy access.

Review: GOX Zippered Travel Pouches

The GOX zippered travel bags also include YKK zippers which are a standard in heavy duty tactical gear. That's because YKK zippers are known for their durability and smooth operation. Plenty of our EDC bags have them and we have yet to see one jam or fail. If you're the manly man type, the gray bags look great and all the colors come in three sizes which makes it easy to fit any EDC bag or travel set up.

We bought the small size ones and are pretty happy that we can use these pouches for a lot of uses. You can daily carry them for organization and them empty them out and use them for a business trip. That will save you cash in the long run. Not to mention these bags are super cheap for the quality compared to similar ones you would get from brand name designers. Click our link to check them out and if you purchase them we will make a small commission to keep the website going.

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