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What is Sexy: Kathy Marie Jacobs

With the recent push for inclusion in everything, we are starting to see more and more body shapes and ages featured in magazines and photo shoots. Just recently we saw Christie Brinkley prove that cougars can be sexy. This week actress, model, and mom Kathy Marie Jacobs made headlines for appearing on the runway as part of a Sports Illustrated's show in Miami as one of the magazines Sweet 17 finalists discovered during its yearly model search.

Kathy Jacobs isn't a stranger to modeling though: she has been working for 30 years in the industry and was even signed to the iconic Ford agency as part of their petite division. Jacobs is only 5'3' tall and in the world of modeling that is just too short. So she said she always had to struggle for jobs due to her size, and now age is a barrier to her career. When you think of runway models you just don't envision a silver haired 55 year old mom in a swimsuit. But Kathy says that will not stop her and now her career looks like it's finally about to take off.

We put together a collection of photos featuring the Calabasas, California native and give her the thumbs up. She has stayed in shape through the years and would probably get a head spin and second look if you saw her on the street. But check out the pics below from her Instagram and an article on the NY Post then decide for yourself if Kathy Marie Jacobs is hot, or should just hang it up.

Follow Kathy Marie Jacobs on Instagram where she goes by ageisbeauty.

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