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How Much Do You Love Post Malone?

How Much Do You Love Post Malone?

It's hard not like the Bud Light drinking rapper Austin Post AKA Post Malone. The dude seems down to earth and has already sold 60 million albums in the US alone which has helped him accumulate a net worth of $14 million. That success comes from blending musical styles like rap and rock into a radio friendly formula that you can sing along to. Post seems like a buddy you knew in school, always down to crush a few beers, but behind that party boy exterior is a lyrical depth that you don't usually hear in rap. Sure, he will flex in his songs about high priced goods and cars, but Malone also ruminates on relationships and break ups with a soulful insight. Not to mention he is a snappy dresser which is why we voted him best dressed of 2018.

Post Malone Barbed Wire Crocs

Now part of the rap game is diversifying your merch to maximize your money, but Post Malone is a tycoon in the making. Back in December the guy sold out his designer yellow barbed wire Crocs in just minutes - literally minutes. If you wanted a pair and missed out you had to pay up to $600 on eBay to snag a pair. Just recently Arnette, the designer sunglasses maker, announced that Post Malone would be the face of its brand and released a line of sunglasses including the rappers personal fav, a 90's style shade called the LOST BOY.

Post Malone Arnette Sunglass Collection

If he can make Crocs cool, then you know anything Post touches is going to be fire. That's why we put together the following list of must have Post Malone collectibles and some weird ass swag we found on Amazon. If you're lucky this stuff will go up in value and help you pay off your student loans. Worst case scenario you got some cool ass collectibles for your desk or apartment that you can show off to your friends at a party.

post malone temporary tattoo set

You say you love tattoos? Do you secretly wish you had a barbed wire forehead because you think Post Malone's tattoos are the sickest you've seen? You don't have to make such a life changing commitment thanks to this temporary tattoo set. It includes a replica of all Posty's known tattoos so you can replicate his look. Get it by clicking here. If you decide that face tatts work for you then you can go to the local tattoo parlor.

Post Malone Face Mask

Wanna look like Post but just don't have the time to put on temporary tattoos? Get the look quick and cheap with this face mask. You could probably wear it on Halloween or convince super drunk people that YOU ARE Post Malone...even though your lips don't move. Get it here.

Post Malone Oil Painting

You could get a Post Malone poster, but that's so like high school. You need to decorate with a little panache. That's where this classy AF faux oil painting comes in. It says "I know what up in music but I'm classy and appreciate the finer things". Just like Post. Add some style to your place by clicking here.

post malone prayer candle

Some people are content to just download music and appreciate a celebrity for their art. Others feel the need to build a shrine and worship the ground they walk on. That's cool as long as you don't venture off the deep end and become a creeper stalker like an episode of Criminal Minds. If you are looking to build a Post Malone shrine this prayer candle is a must have. Hey, if Kanye West can run his own church service so can you. Get a PM prayer candle by clicking this link.

post malone life size cutouts

Add to your Post Malone shrine by sticking one of these life size cutouts in the corner of any room. Post stands over six feet tall so plan accordingly. You don't want it stuffed under some shelf all cramping his style. Personally we like the Megadeth shirt one, but you can't go wrong with his suited look. Think like an entrepreneur and charge people $5 to pose with it. You'll make your money back quick.

Post Malone merchandise

If you want to keep it simple you can still show Post some love with key pieces that say "yes, I'm a fan but I ain't trippin". For about the price of a case of La Croix you can pick up a beer can koozie that even shows his high school year book picture. Another option is a sticker pack. You can sticker bomb a water bottle, your notebook, or the car of a Yelawolf fan. Get the Post Malone stickers here.

post malone funko pop

We got one final Post Malone collectible for you. You can't be a fan without picking up his recently released Funko pop figure. Following in the footsteps of rappers like Biggie Smalls (who got his own Funko figure awhile back) the Post Malone one might be the best yet. The 3 3/4 figure renders Posty in an anime style and his tatts are readable. He even has a red solo cup full of Bud Light. We got two - one for our desk and one to collect. You can get your own Funko Pop Post Malone figure by clicking here.

Check out the Arnette + Post Malone Sunglasses then catch him on Twitter where he has over 5 million followers. Find Austin Post on Instagram and become one of his nearly 17 million followers. Visit his official website by clicking here.