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Facebook CEO Supporting Area 51 Raid?

A bunch of funny, but fake, news headlines are circulating on social media suggesting that Facebook CEO and co founder Mark Zuckerberg is supporting the Area 51 raid to help free his dad from captivity. Who is his dad? Data from Star Trek the Next Generation. Obviously this isn't true, but it is funny as hell. Take a look at this "news story":

The suggestion that Zuckerberg is the son of Data started back in April when the Facebook CEO testified before the Senate about the social media sites privacy policies and use of data that it gathers from those who use the site. Called data mining, social media sites like Facebook gather user data which can be exploited and sold to advertisers. Some have suggested that using private user information like this undermines the basic human right to privacy.

In what was called a "Trial of the Entire Tech Industry" Zuckerberg looked visibly nervous as he testified about Cambridge Analytica. During the trial many viewers noticed that Zuckerberg looked robotic, like an android and said that he looked like the popular Star Trek character. We have to agree but it was probably just nerves. We doubt the guy is an android. Either way, it's funny even if it is fake news

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