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5 Unique Water Bottles That Fit any EDC Bag

You could carry your daily water supply in a plain ole bottle, but after spending all that time and money assembling just the right set of tools and gear arranged oh so perfectly in your EDC bag - you don't want your water bottle to ruin your look. After all, most guys every day carry a bag full of gear to look cool as much as they hope to be prepared for life's challenges. Make no mistake, every day carry is an extension of fashion.

The truth is, if we were not concerned about looks we would just carry a knife and fire steel in a burlap sack. But we don't. Instead, we mull over every option out there for a pocket knife that blends weight with function, seeking out multi tools that save the need for individual tools, and then stuff it all into a man bag that is stylish, but not so stylish that it looks feminine. That's why we searched high and low for water bottles that stand out while still keeping a functional manly appearance.

Here are the sleekest ones we found - and they don't break the bank.

Nalgene Canteen

You can’t go wrong with the tried and true canteen for carrying water. After all, if it works for the military it'll work for a guy like you who works in an office. Nalgene makes an updated and stylish version of the classic canteen called the Oasis that holds 32 ounces and is BPA free so no worries about any smells or flavors working their way into your water supply.

The Oasis is also resistant to staining and comes in an assortment of colors including blue, red, foliage, and gray that makes matching your gear set up a breeze. The canteen is also made right here in the USA while costing less than most other bottles out there. These are so cool that we own several of them. Every time we pull it out we get a compliment on our unique water bottle. They are a little harder to clean but a slim bottle brush takes car of that problem.

Platypus SoftBottles

If you EDC a pouch, waist bag, or fanny pack sized bag you probably can’t even fit a water bottle. That’s where a bottle like the Platypus SoftBottle might help. You might have to hand carry it with you if your bag is small, but by the end of the day when it's empty you’ll be able to roll it up or fold it into an amazingly small form factor that fits just about anywhere in your bag for the trip home. You could also take it on a hike and fill up as you go if you know that there are water sources along the way, saving a little weight for other gear.

Platypus is known for their hydration bags and these crush-able water bottles feature the same materials so they will stand up to day to day use without leaking all over your Laptop or IPad. You can also get them in various designs like you see above for a unique look, or plain clear ones for a more minimalist approach to a water bottle.

Goat Travel Collapsible Water Bottle

If you crave the structure of a traditional water bottle shape, but still find yourself pressed for space in you EDC bag than the Goat Collapsible Water Bottle might be right for you. It's kind of like a caterpillar that bends and contorts to fit into most any space you can spare. You can also extend or shrink it to vary the amount of water you want to carry. The range of sizes and shapes is possible because the bottle is made from silicon which is BPA free and can handle either hot or cold liquids.

Mochic A5 Water Bottle

If you carry a laptop or books in a messenger style bag it might be hard to fit a round bottle into the mix. Luckily there are a few flat or square bottles on the market that work perfectly for fitting into an EDC bag like this. Ones like memobottle are awesome, but outside our budget and probably a little too small for our needs.

Luckily, Mochic answered the call for an affordable flask style bottle that doesn't break the bank. Their A5 water bottle carries the right amount of water for day to day activities like keeping hydrated at the office, or rehydrating after a workout. It kind of looks like an Apple product, if they designed water bottles, which means the small slim profile will look right at home in the big city. The Mochic A5 is available in four colors including black and gray.

Rabbit Discreet Flask

If you gravitate towards titanium and micro EDC tools then you are probably looking for an ultra-minimalist approach to carrying water as well. If the Platypus SoftBottle didn't suit your fancy, then the Rabbit Discrete flask might work for you.

It's small and carries only about eight ounces of water - which is just enough to make it to the next watering hole. But this bottle isn't going to weigh you down, allowing you to stay fast and light, and will fit easily into a waist bag or or shoulder carry bag. Heck, it'll fit in your pocket. It's BPA free and has a unique design that unwraps for easy cleaning. Users report that it takes a little practice to get the silicon sleeve just right, but once you get the hang of it the Rabbit is leak proof. It's cheap as well, and since it's meant as a flask you can gulp down the water and refill it with whisky in the evening.

Comment below and tell us what water bottle you EDC. Then get a new one from our list and send us a review.

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