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Golf Outing Coverup

Golf Outing Coverup

Recently, three guys from my work team talked about having a golf outing. As the date got closer, one guy said he couldn’t make it. The other, our supervisor who we will call Tim, said that he for sure wanted to go play. Now I have only played golf once in my life and don’t own a set of clubs, but I was looking forward to trying out the sport to see what it was all about. I also thought it could be a great way of getting outdoors and exercising this summer.

So I talked to Tim the manager and let him know that I don’t own clubs, but I am willing to go buy them if we are for sure going this weekend. He said absolutely, and we planned for Saturday at 9 am. I mentioned making an appointment since whenever I drive by the course that we had chosen it looked pretty busy, but Tim assured me no reservation was needed. He said you can just walk up and get a spot, so I took his word for it and said I would go out and buy a set of clubs.

Golf Outing Coverup

Now ready to jump into the golfing lifestyle with both feet, I started looking for a set of clubs. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money but wanted to have a everything I needed as I try to add golf to my list of hobbies. After doing some research online I settled on a set from a local shop (Wilson Profile XD's) for around $200.

On Wednesday, I was so proud of them that I took a pic and sent them out to my 2 coworkers in a group chat to show the boss I was committed, and hoping that the other guy would feel encouraged to join us next time. Tim said “can’t wait” and everything seemed good.

Thursday, in what I thought was an unrelated event, a girl from the office talked to me for the first time. Now we had been passing by one another for a year and a half and she had rarely made eye contact, let alone speak to me. Suddenly, out of nowhere she struck up conversation. Megan engaged with me over a few topics, smiled and laughed, talked to me as if we had been office buddies forever and I was stunned. This girl had always worn the RBF to everyone in her vicinity including me. I didn’t know what to think.

Golf Outing Coverup

Friday afternoon, I headed out to the driving range to get a feel for my new clubs. I didn’t want to look bad on Saturday, so I spent about an hour hitting balls and felt good heading into tomorrows game. The clubs felt nice with my limited experience and I was excited to play my first official game of golf.

Saturday, I woke up early, loaded the clubs in the car and sent Tim a text at 8 am asking if he was ready to play. He didn’t respond. I waited a bit thinking maybe he was sleeping in. Around 9:30 I sent him another text still no response. I was kinda pissed, and wondered what had happened. I absolutely hate when people break plans without warning. It feels like a complete disrespect. Then at 1:30 pm, Tim texted me saying “are we still on for golf?”. I was fuming and responded “when you flaked this morning I made other plans”. He said ok and that was that.

Monday morning, Tim was back at his desk and Mike (the guy who didn't go) asked me how was golf. I told him that Tim flaked and didn’t text me until the afternoon. Mike said “he probably went to see Megan" which made me raise an eyebrow. Tim was married - I had even met his wife once at a Christmas party. So I asked Mike what he meant. He told me that the down low secret around the office was that Tim and Megan were seeing one another, and pointed out that they always seemed to call of on the same days and take vacation time close together.

It all made sense now. I had been used as a cheaters cover-up story. Tell your wife you are going to play golf, but go see your side piece. A coworker overheard us talking and said "yea, Tim's done that to a few people". What sucks is that it's my boss and I cant really say anything. What do you think of this whole golf outing situation? Was it a shitty thing to do? Or just a secret to be kept amongst the boys? Comment below.


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