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Weird Shit to EDC

Weird Shit to EDC

A lot of guys like to carry EDC gear with them for life's adventures. Stuff like a flashlight, paracord, spare phone charger, etc. It makes sense. Part of being a man is being prepared for what ever life might throw at you. But in the day to day grind, life sometimes presents challenges that require tools beyond a pocket knife and fire starter. That's why we asked every guy in our office to do a dump of their EDC bags and pockets to see what was the weirdest shit they were every day carrying. Here are the five strangest things we found:

Weird Shit to EDC


One of our staffers insists upon having a couple of barbecue sauce packets with him where ever he goes. Sealed in a zip lock baggie he keeps a few choice flavors along with a couple of mustard packets. He says that these are the only condiments he uses and though he can usually find mustard in any restaurant, barbecue sauce is harder to come by. He says he got the idea after a girl he dated would whip out a bottle of Cholula hot sauce anytime they went out to eat. He would also like to thank Chik Fil A for making such a smokey sweet barbecue sauce recipe, and for providing him with extras that make all his sandwiches perfect.

Weird Shit to EDC

Tape Measure

Hey you never know when you might need to measure some 2x4's and that requires a measuring tool. The hard wood ruler in your desk just doesn't cut it which is why one staffer insists on keeping a tape measure in his pocket at all times. Now it's not a full size tape measure like a contractor would carry, that would be silly. He carries a small pocket sized tape measure like the Stanley Fatmax that provides up to six feet of measuring excellence. It's perfect for hanging pictures, checking to see if a large purchase will fit into the back of your hatchback, or making sure that coworkers are maintaining your three foot zone of personal space. We are sold on the idea and will add one to our EDC bag.

Weird Shit to EDC

Walmart Bags

You know they cheap plastic Walmart grocery bags that everyone hates because they are ruining the environment? Well one guy we know is doing his part to reduce and reuse by carrying 2-3 of them with him in his messenger bag. He says that he finds them useful for several reasons including when the clerk at a store cheaps out and only puts his purchase in a single bag. As we all know these single ply throwaway bags will break before you get home. He also says that he finds them to be a great lunch bag. We can vouch for this use - one day he rolled up to the lunch table and whipped out his lunch. Some laughed. We had a moment of clarity where we realized what a brilliant life hack this was. Plastic grocery store bags can also function like a dry bag of sorts. If it starts raining you could wrap them around your stuff and maybe make it to the car without ruining your paperwork or even a cell phone. They weight next to nothing so why not keep a few in your EDC?

Lucky Bear

Maybe the strangest thing to EDC at first glance it makes more sense when you know the story. A staffer says that he carries this lucky bear because his niece gave it to him and promised he would have good luck if he kept it with him at all times. The key is that he needs to rub the head of the bear exactly three times when he needs a dose of luck. He says that it works - if he doesn't overuse the bears magical powers. So he breaks out the bear at critical times like on the way to job interviews, but refuses to test it on winning Powerball. That would be an abuse of power lol. A lot of us carry things that hold a place in our heart - things like challenge coins, photos, mementos that make us feel safe or remind us of good times and loved ones. We're cool with a lucky bear we just wish we had one of our own.

Weird Shit to EDC


Definitely the weirdest item we came across in anyone's EDC bag was a kazoo. The staffer says he carries it for awkward situations, blowing on it to break the tension usually to a room full of laughter. He is also known to sneak up on people and scare the shit out of them. As you can tell, he is a real funny guy. He says that he did have an awkward situation of his own as a result of the kazoo: one day he was driving along in a car full of people, blowing on his kazoo for laughs, when he was pulled over by a police officer who thought he was openly smoking on a marijuana pipe. We can't blame the cop for doing his job they do look similar. Luckily no ticket was issued.

If your an EDC type of guy, be sure your bag is manly enough to not look like a purse. If you don't EDC then read this article about why every man should at least have a knife in his pocket. Wondering what kind of knife to get? The Swiss Army Knife is a great multi purpose starter knife. Comment below and tell us what kind of gear your keep on you at all times.


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