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What is Sexy: Cigar Smoking

Though it may not be a safe alternative to cigarettes or vaping, a good cigar is an occasional indulgence that a lot of guys enjoy. Usually, guys smoke a cigar around their buddies while playing cards or while enjoying some high quality alcoholic beverages. Though we don't smoke them often, it's a nice way to highlight a special occasion or event.

Now the Freudian imagery of putting a long cylindrical object to your mouth doesn't escape us, which is why seeing a sexy lady enjoying a good cigar is quite a turn on. That's why it's not a bad idea to see if your significant other might want to try a nice Cuban with you. Cigars come in a lot of different sizes, but from what we hear women prefer ones that are above average in length and a little on the thick side for maximum pleasure. You might not want to kiss her after, but the experience will be worth the few bucks you spend.

If you don'y have someone to smoke with, rest assured that BDSC has you covered with this weeks What is Sexy Collection. These pics of women enjoying a good smoke are sure to arouse some Freudian desires. Enjoy.

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