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5 Things that Attract Demons to People

Hello, I am a spiritual guide in the country of Poland. I have had my share of experiences with dark subjects and now help to guide and protect those who have brought forth similar things to their own lives. What I am talking about is evil spirits and demons. I know that some will laugh, but think about the things you have done and consider if some of your actions may have invited similar demons into your life.

As I study the occult, I notice certain things that are commonly reported by experiencers - especially ones who say that have seen or been visited by a demonic presence. Obviously such an appearance would be life changing which is why I avoid those magnets of demonic activity. Some are easy enough to avoid, while others require more thought.

Read through this list and if you are living in such a way as to attract these negative entities stop before it is too late.

Mental Health Issues

Those who naturally have depression or anxiety should seek help - not only for their well being, but because I have noticed that these sufferers more often report demonic presences in their homes. Often they say that the demon follows them throughout their lives, causing a lifetime of trouble. The demons may be sensing that these people are too weak to fight against them, taking advantage of them like a host. No one can simply cure you of mental health issues which is why you should seek medical treatment. You may find that the things you believed were demonic didn't exist at all.

Preoccupation with Death and the Occult

I have talked to people who had curious hobbies that make most of us cringe. Things like visiting cemeteries at night hoping to conjure the dead, visiting haunted houses, studying murders and their perpetrators, etc. These are all things that may suggest to a demon that you are a willing participant in the evil they wish to inflict. Curiosity is natural to human beings, but certain things are best left to professionals who have trained for such investigations.

Participating in Occult Activities

Many think that simple board games and card tricks are no harm. Ouija boards and tarot cards are like other things - an invitation for nefarious spirits - demons - to come to you and take hold. It's understandable that we would search for answers to things about life we don't understand, but believing that a game would give you good advice is silly. Anyone who would respond through such a medium is likely to have other motives and make demands for their service. After all, nothing is free.

Practicing Black Magic or Satanism

Black Magic is an open invitation to the underworld, the home of demons, to come to our world and take residence. Like a house guest who stays too long, getting them to leave will be much harder than you ever thought. Many who practice magic will argue that some forms of magic can be good as well. I would like to ask how can that be when the aim of your spell is unwilling?

Even those white witches who cast love spells or charms for good luck should be able to see that the will of their target must be bent for the wish of the witch to come true. That's why I believe any form of magic is dark and should be avoided. Furthermore, Satanism is becoming more popular with the youth who want things without the hard work. They think that they can somehow make Satan work for them. How silly is that? Like I stated above, nothing is free and even if Satan were to respond to your demand, his price is likely to be higher than you could ever imagine.

Drug Use

I do not want to suggest that drug use is the explanation for demonic manifestation, in fact I think that drug use actually opens our perceptions to other worlds. That may be why so many artists and musicians rely on drugs for inspiration but the fear that I have is that once that door is open it cannot be closed. Once a demon has manifested itself to you, it will attach and feed - draining your spiritual energy and leaving you physically depleted. Many of us experiment with drugs when we are young. The consequence for many is overdose, but another one that you may not realize is the opening to a dark world of demons and paranormal activity.



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