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What is Sexy: Slow Motion Girls

Sometimes a girl is so sexy that the image of her body is just burned into your memory. A moment is so sexy that you wish you could slow it down and enjoy it over and over. For a lot of guys, the female form is so captivating that it should be appreciated like a fine work of art. It's not sexiest to appreciate the beauty of a healthy and well maintained female form. After all, guys are biologically wired to do so. It's in our DNA.

Thanks to the magic of high definition video and YouTube you can slow down the moment and watch it as many times as you would like. We gathered some of the sexiest slow motion videos we could find for this weeks What is Sexy collection. Baywatch may have started the trend of slow motion sexiness, but these videographers carry the torch and elevate it to an art form.

These videos are full of bouncing boobies, gyrating hips, and twerking asses that look down right classy when slowed down. So think of this as an art project. If someone catches you watching these videos, just say your studying female anatomy for an art class you're taking. This weeks project is on the female body in motion and no anatomy book can give an accurate perspective.

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