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Is Bigfoot Immortal?

Is Bigfoot Immortal?

If you read about Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Yeti, and other similar hairy ape type creatures, you'll quickly find that the evidence thus far is limited. There are plenty of foot prints, distant photos and videos, and even some tufts of hair that have been tested in labs. What we haven't seen yet is the conclusive evidence that would silence the naysayers and finally answer the question - is Bigfoot real?

What kind of evidence would make Bigfoot researchers happy? A body, or at least a pile of bones would go a long way to prove the story. Now we are not advocating for people to storm the woods and start shooting at anything that moves. If anything, we would want the big guy to be brought in alive - and as humanely as possible. After all it is a living creature and should be treated with the same amount of respect you would show any other animal. But one has to wonder, if Bigfoot is a living, breathing, organic creature why haven't we found a body or at least some bones?

***One guy has claimed to have the frozen remains of a creature, including the head, though we remain skeptical on his story. It seems everyone else is as well because there has been zero mainstream media attention given to the remains he has in his freezer.

young Bigfoot caught on trail cam

The lack of a dead body or bones is why some have suggested that Bigfoot is immortal. It's a far fetched idea, and though we don't agree, it is an interesting question. An immortal creature would leave no evidence of its existence behind. But when you look at the evidence we do have, limited as it may be, all signs point to an organic creature of limited lifespan.

There have been plenty of sightings of young, or at least small, Bigfoot that would suggest that there are children or teenagers along with adults. Also, many have seen creatures with gray hair, suggesting that they may be the oldest of the breed assuming that Bigfoot displays similar aging indicators as humans. So while they may age much slower than a human, it would appear that Bigfoot does grow old and eventually succumbs to death like any mortal creature.

That leads to another theory on why we haven't found a body: some think that Bigfoot buries its dead. This isn't far fetched as other animals have been documented to bury, or at least mourn the dead. Chimpanzees are known to watch in silence at the passing of one of their own, even placing a hand on the shoulder of fellow chimpanzees in an act of solace.

A researcher at the University of Colorado studied magpies and concluded that the birds hold funerals and even feel grief for their dead. After watching four magpies gently poke at the corpse of their friend, the birds flew off and returned with grass which was placed beside the corpse. The birds then stood in a sort of vigil before flying off suggesting a sort of death ritual.

Elephants have been studied extensively for their mourning rituals. It has been well documented that elephants are very sensitive, stopping to observe the dead and even grieving over the loss. While remaining quiet, they will cover the corpse in leaves and grass, and if the fallen elephant is from their own family or herd, will often stay with it for days or weeks in mourning. There has even been documented cases where elephants stopped to mourn over humans that they had trampled, suggesting that their sensitivity for the dead is probably equal to our own.

Looking at other animals, it's not hard to believe that Bigfoot may have similar mourning rituals and even perhaps bury their dead. So while there may be bodies and bones out there in the woods, they have developed a way to make it extremely hard for us humans to find the evidence. But what do you think? Is Bigfoot imortal, or have we just not found a BIgfoot graveyard to prove their existence? Comment below.

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