This Weeks UFO Reports

I received several UFO reports which have been posted over at UFOBEAT. Here is a recap of what came in this weekend:

Triangle UFO Near Crop Field in Charleston, Arkansas - a man named Pharoah Akhenaten witnessed a triangle shaped UFO near a crop field while driving out to Darby Lake in Charleston, Arkansas.

Triangular UFO in Perth, Australia - a man named Eddie Powell witnessed a triangular shaped UFO near his home in Perth, Australia. He was given the cold shoulder when he reached out to local media for help.

Fast Moving UFO Sighting in Guiglo, Ivory Coast - a man named Alfred A. witnessed a UFO in the small town of Guiglo, which is located in the western part of the Ivory Coast. The object was airplane sized but moved at a speed which makes the reporter say it had to have been something else.


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