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Bigfoot Sighting Near Gore, Oklahoma

Bigfoot Sighting Near Gore, Oklahoma

The following Bigfoot sighting was reported to me by a man named Pharoah Akhenaten. He has experienced a lifetime of unusual encounters including a triangle shaped UFO which followed him near a crop field in Charleston, Arkansas. You can read that story over at our partner site UFOBeat. Along with witnessing a UFO, Pharoah had a face to face encounter with a Bigfoot that left him running for his life. Here's his story.

Tell me about your sighting.

I lived right outside Gore, Oklahoma by a resort called Fin and Feather resort. My buddy lived down the road about a mile from me. One day I decided instead of walking down the highway to get to his house, I would cut straight across the woods. About 1,000 feet into the woods I came to a steep slope with a creek at the bottom and then it sharply rose again. I got down to the bottom of the ravine when I heard a loud rustling noise up the hill behind me.

I turned around and saw a dark silhouette of a human figure, since the sun was behind it. Immediately I became aware of the massive size, I estimate about 8 feet tall. At first I thought it was the angle and lighting, then I became aware of the smell. And this deep guttural thought sound. All my hair stood up. And then it walked towards me. It had such a fast gate. And I noticed it wasn't walking around trees or using it's arms to move branches out the way. Then I realized it was walking fast straight towards me and mowing down everything in it's path, with it's arms to to it's side. I mean two to three inch saplings we're bending and breaking like blades of grass. With no indication that it was even aware it was trampling through forest no man could run through.

I turned around and ran for my life. I couldn't move the branches out the way quick enough. I had never covered such a distance in such short of time. My ears were buzzing, my eyes were scraped and scratched and I was bleeding on every area of exposed skin. Because the rush or mad dash to escape, I never looked back or heard it again. I made it up on the road and to my friends house. That was when he introduced me to his grandparents who told me they have been feeding it donuts off their back porch for years.

Any other Bigfoot sightings?

My friend had one through boulders at him in Ketchikan, Alaska and uproot trees and throw them in the lake by him. Like about 60 feet through the air into the lake. He was approached by a Sasquatch Hunter writing a book and refused to talk to him.

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