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What is Sexy: Samantha Robinson

Samantha Robinson is an actress that has not quite hit the mainstream, but if her work in The Love Witch is any indication we will be seeing a lot more of her. The campy, retro style horror movie caught our eye on Amazon Prime and after watching it we found ourselves thoroughly impressed not only by the movie, but by the 5'5" Samantha as well.

Samantha was born October 19, 1991 to Panamanian and English parents who moved several times during her childhood. She was born in New York City, then her parents relocated to London when she was three. After attending an all girls school, her parents moved the family to Miami, Florida when she was 14 years old. There she attended a prestigious performing arts school then chose to continue her acting studies at UCLA.

Robinson worked her way up the Hollywood ladder though supporting roles before landing the breakout role as Elaine in 2016's The Love Witch. It's a must see movie if you're a fan of campy 60's horror films that always include a dose of nudity. The Love Witch follows the formula perfectly and thus - we get to see plenty of scantily clad Samantha as she casts love spells on unsuspecting men. Now that she is romantically linked to mega star Brad Pitt, we are sure that we will be seeing her in even bigger roles soon. Enjoy the collection of pics below that feature this weeks What is Sexy girl Samantha Robinson so you can say you saw her here first.

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