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What is Sexy: Baywatch Remastered

The 1990's were a great time to be alive. There was grunge music, smart phones had not been invented so people still picked up a phone and talked, Pokémon trading cards were the hottest thing around, and there was Baywatch. A one of a kind TV show that was a guilty pleasure to just about every guy out there.

Sure, you had to endure some cheesy acting by David Hasselhoff, but that was more than made up for by the slow motion shots of beautiful women running on the beach. The plots were decent too. Sure, every episode was something like 'guy gets stung by a jelly fish and nearly dies', but that's a better plot than most Mexican soap operas (from what we have heard). But there was no denying that the Baywatch girls were hot. Like smoking hot. Any sort of plot was a bonus since they just bounced along the beach every episode. Catering to heterosexual male fantasy like that would never fly today in the politically correct climate we are living in.

Rest assured Gen X'ers. Baywatch has not been lost to time. And you can put away those old VHS tapes because someone has recognized the cultural significance of Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, and Yasmine Bleeth in a bikini - in their prime - and remastered all 11 seasons of the iconic show for the Baywatch 30th anniversary. In clarity never seen before, you can watch the beach beauties on Amazon Prime. We applaud Amazon for its foresight in recognizing the historical significance of Baywatch and bringing it to a new generation of viewers. Jeff Bezos is a true patron of the arts. Thank you.

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If you enjoyed this collection of Baywatch ladies head over to Amazon to watch the show.


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