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Not Sexy: Sharing Your Wife with Other Men

Not Sexy: Sharing Your Wife with Other Men

Plenty of people take vows of marriage with the understanding that the person in front of you is the last one that you will ever kiss or hold intimately. It shouldn't need to be said, but that vow includes the promise to never have sex with another person.

Sure, plenty of people end up in divorce because someone in the relationship broke that vow and promise to one other. Call us old fashioned, but we think that's how it should work. Even if you don't believe in marriage, there is a certain connection between two people that is lost when someone breaks the 'no sex with other people' rule.

But a new trend is emerging where men are willfully sharing their wives with other men to reject their male privilege. Yea, that's right - sharing your wife or significant other might help make amends for all the privileges you have received for being born a man.

Not Sexy: Sharing Your Wife with Other Men

According to one report, a guy named Cory Broslin says that he feels liberated after shedding his male privilege and toxic masculinity. The level of wokeness is amazing.

"When my wife and I got married, I used to think she wouldn’t be with any other man but me. Little did I know, that was my male privilege speaking. I’ll never let toxic masculinity overtake me. I’ll gladly share my wife with other men in order to reject my male privilege"

NPC says that the trend of wife sharing is taking the nation by storm, at least among Liberal men who are "figuring out" that women are not property and voluntarily sharing their wives because the the institution of marriage is inherently sexist and misogynist.

Seriously, they think that asking your wife to not band other men is a sign of toxic masculinity. we wonder if it works the other way? Can Cory sleep with other women or is this arrangement one sided? Anyone who claims that matrimony is a way of claiming and owning a woman is terribly mistaken. Marriage is about making a commitment through thick and thin, sharing a life and maybe raising a family together.