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Zac Brown Tells Haters to "F---Off"

Zac Brown is pissed, but no one is really sure why.

When his group won video of the year at the CMT Music Awards for their hit song "Someone I Used to Know", Brown delivered an emotional acceptance speech during the Wednesday night broadcast.

"We're so grateful and we get our award every night when we [perform for our fans]," Brown said. "This award is for all of you, my band and all the outsiders that waited through everyone's doubts".

Brown then went on to offer words of advice for others in the industry.

"For you young artists, have courage to stand up against the machine," then went on to tell his "haters" to "f--- off."

Fans on Twitter seemed clueless and posted their responses. If you know why Zac Brown is so pissed, fill us in.