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Bow Ties: Cool Style or Corny Accessory?

Bow Ties: Cool Style or Corny Accessory?

There is a guy at my work who likes to wear bow ties. He came in the other day sporting one and I had to roll my eyes. Unless you're Pee Wee Herman, I just think the look is corny.

Whenever I see a bow tie, I think of those pictures you get at photography booths set up during the summer at places like Ocean City or some spring break wanna be location. You know the ones - you put on a Bonnie and Clyde style outfit, or something to make you look like an old west gun slinger posing at the saloon for a daguerreotype. It's all in good fun, but walking around in a bow tie any other time just seems like your trying too hard to look like your cool.

Now don't get me wrong - there is a place and time to wear a bow tie. They look great as part of a tuxedo for formal events especially in darker colors. Bright ones like red can work, but push the envelope of understated cool in my opinion. Bow ties also work as part of a three piece suit to form a super sophisticated classic look that feels European. Older men can pull off the bow tie and look really classy, like a judge or attorney.

I'll always prefer a tie, but I will say that the bow tie look can work in some situations.

On the flip side, when young guys wear a bow tie it's always with an uncomfortably tight shirt, pants that are a little too short paired with some kind of equally corny shoes, and often a pair of glasses. And if you're like the guy at my work, you NEVER wear glasses any other time. So it just screams "look at me! I'm stylish and cool!" And the thing is, the younger dude in a bow tie is always looking around, adjusting his little bow tie to see if anyone is noticing while looking like an effeminate hipster.

What do you think readers? Are bow ties a cool style, or just a corny accessory? Comment below.