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Dollar Tree to Start Selling Booze at 1,000 stores

According to FOXLA, Dollar Tree will start selling alcohol at over 1,000 stores throughout the Unites States.

It is part of the companies continued expansion plan after its acquisition of Family Dollar stores in 2015. Dollar Tree says that it plans to expand freezers and coolers in 400 of it's Family Dollar stores, and add freezers to locations that need additional room. They will also introduce a test program called "Dollar Tree Plus!" with items that cost more than a $1.

No announcement was made on what types or brands of alcohol will be carried. The store is known to sell other items like medicine and food in reduced sizes which are not really any cheaper, but fit low priced theme of the store and budget of its shoppers. If we were to guess, the booze section is going to be something like mini bottles and off brand stuff to go with popular and cheap beers.

With alcohol in the freezer to pair with the junk food and candy on the shelves, this move pretty much guarantees that Dollar Tree will be the go to spot for drunk people - who just might pick up a few one dollar knickknacks in their drunken stupor. Find a store by clicking here.