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What is Sexy: Girls Riding Mechanical Bulls

If you were planning the ultimate backyard party, what's the first thing after beer you would buy? Is it a nice grill and accessories? Lighting? Tiki torches and cheesy stuff like that? We are here to tell you that your all wrong. You should be buying, or at least renting, a mechanical bull. Girls go wild when the bull is around. After a night at Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles watching wannabe models and actresses trying to tame the bull - we are convinced that the mechanical bull may be one of the greatest inventions by modern man.

You see some girls are genuine country girls, wearing their boots with a little mud everywhere they go. Others hear Toby Keith playing with a heavy bass beat, and after a couple of drinks think they are country. But that's ok, because these city slickers are more than ready to hop on the bull and grind away - trying to hang on as the speed of the ride increases and the vibrations start coming. They don't care if their clothes are coming off and their friends are sharing the video to Instagram because getting down and dirty is all in a days work for a country girl.

It's fun to watch and you could see that every weekend if you bought a mechanical bull and threw some wicked parties. But we know, mechanical bulls are not cheap. That's why you'll probably have to settle for this weeks What is Sexy Collection that features lovely wannabe country girls hanging on for an 8 second ride. Sit back and enjoy the photos because that's probably about all the excitement you could give them anyway.

If this weeks WIS has convinced you to add a mechanical bull to your BBQ area, this place can give you a quote.

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