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The Ultimate List of Conspiracy Theories

A conspiracy theory can be defined as an alternative explanation to an event or situation given previously ignored, overlooked, or covered up evidence. This data is what gives the researcher a reason to believe, or doubt, that the commonly accepted explanation to said event or situation may not be correct.

Call it a gut feeling that something isn't right.

Often, the popular opinion may even seem to be an outright lie. Now why would an entity or organization lie about, or cover up, evidence which would reveal the true nature of something that that potentially impacts the population at large? That is a great question, and one we hope to uncover on a case by case, conspiracy by conspiracy basis.

Most often, conspiracy researchers find that the actors in the cover up have ulterior motives for keeping the truth from becoming public knowledge. It may the chance of financial gain, loss of reputation, or even just a blatant and vulgar display of power. A power move that says "I can do anything I want to anyone I want - and get away with it".

Now the role of researcher or conspiracy theorist may seem to border or martyrdom. After all, why would anyone risk their reputation, career, financial stability, even their families and friends in the quest for truth? It's a philosophical question, but not all conspiracy theorists are saints themselves. It's increasingly common for those who suggest alternative explanations to secretly desire for the very things they accuse the Grand Architects of : financial gain and power. It may be a book to sell, a podcast to promote, the temporary high that 15 minutes of social media stardom provides - but all too often the conspiracy theorist is just as guilty of deception.

The outright lies and misrepresented information is the very reason that the 'conspiracy theorist' moniker carries such a negative perception. Wikipedia paints the conspiracy researcher into a box of delusion: a person who suggests that all motives are sinister or politically motivated - adopting a position based upon "prejudice or insufficient evidence" and an outright refusal to accept more plausible explanation. They rely on faith rather than proof, while resisting scientific falsification and reinforce their position via circular reasoning. Both evidence against the conspiracy and an absence of evidence for it are re-interpreted as evidence of its truth.

The media believes that conspiracy theorists are a threat, calling the quest for truth a pathological and harmful pursuit. We disagree and applaud those who don't accept the first explanation given without further thought. That is why we aim to compile this master list of Conspiracy Theories. We want to look at every explanation and weigh its merits. We want to find the truth even if it is what we have been told.

But we also want to uncover the real story if everything we have been taught is a lie.

Here's the goal: we will post every conspiracy theory we can find to this list. We will update it as we find new ones. But we need your help to make the list complete: If you know of a conspiracy that we have missed then send it to us through this link. If it’s a conspiracy we have covered previously then we will include a link to our article about it. Similar to our Above Top Secret post, this list will be organic and grow over time as we report on new stories and receive reader response.

But for now, here is a list of every conspiracy theory we have covered. From 9/11 to the Illuminati and UFO's - we got it covered.

Body Doubles and Doppelgangers

Bundy and Cuomo: A Terrifying Resemblance. - The current Governor of New York looks a whole lot like serial killer Ted Bundy. There's nothing to it, right?

Does Melania Trump have a Body Double? Conspiracy Theorists analyzed some footage of the First Lady and some think that she isn't herself all the time.

Immortal Vladimir Putin - The alpha male Russian leader doesn't seem to age. Is his fountain of youth due to plastic surgery, or is it Illuminati Rituals?

Is Qasem Soleimani Still Alive? Photographs released of the Iranian generals dead body make us wonder if there is more to the story than what is being reported. In other words - a cover up.

Strange Coincidences Between Lincoln and Kennedy - a popular list of coincidences that suggests a connection between the two assassinated presidents. We fact checked a few that turned out to be false.

Taylor Swift is a Satanic Priestess? Is the popular teen pop star the daughter of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey?

Chemtrails and Weather Control

Amazon Alexa - the popular smart home device has an answer when asked about Chemtrails.

Introduction to Weather Control - this article gives you a quick run down of what is possible

Military Chaff and Chemtrails - we took a look at one of the sources of chemtrails

Epstein and Related

First-Ever Look Inside Epstein’s Private Island - a pair of YouTuber's illegally sneak onto the infamous island to get a behind the scenes look at what remains since the FBI raid.

FBI Records Related to the Jeffrey Epstein Case - a link to available FBI records. Get 'em while you can.

Weird Pic of Bill Clinton Getting a Massage - people have been sharing this pic for years, but it isn't what you think.

Strange Video Supposedly Shows Naked Child Escaping Buckingham Palace​ - a controversial video turned out to be misrepresented.

Jeffrey Epstein Research Resource - a list of links and articles related to the case.

Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings in the Flag of Trinidad and Tobago? Nah, it's a stretch.

Hidden Meanings in the Volkswagen Logo - most know about the Nazi origins of the German car brand, but is the company hiding its true allegiance right in front of our face?

Hidden Messages in the DNC Logo? A popular Tweet shared shared by Conservatives thinks that the DNC is sending a message: Death to America.

Columbia Outdoors Possible Nazi Ties? the popular outdoor brand has a logo which seems to suggest a swastika. Though there is a Nazi connection - it's not what you think.

Mass Shootings

Illuminati Member Jason Aldean - The popular country music star was preforming as the Las Vegas shootings began. Is Aldean a member of the Illuminati and was the performance an Illuminati Ritual?

Is David Hogg also Adam Lanza? A conspiracy suggesting that Liberal anti-gun activist David Hogg is also Adam Lanza, the shooter from the Sandy Hook school massacre. We looked at the evidence.

5 Theories About the Mandalay Bay Shooting - the deadliest mass shooting in US history quickly dropped from the headlines. Why?

Mystery Sandy Hook Shooters - Early media footage of the tragic Sandy Hook School Massacre showed mysterious men running into the woods as police arrived on the scene. We took a look at the story and wonder why did the media go silent on these unnamed suspects.

A Collection of Rare Adam Lanza Photos, Videos, and More - a dump of info and images we have come across. Worth a look.

Upcoming False Flag? Craigslist Posting for a 'Tactical Training Exercise - reader spotted this Houston area job posting. Such postings are rumored to have been seen before mass shootings in the past.

Secret Societies and Illuminati

Flat Earthers are Secret Free Masons - a few images suggest that the hand sign used by the Flat Earth Society is also one used in Free Masonry.

Illuminati Member Jason Aldean - The popular country Music Star was preforming as the Las Vegas shootings began. Is Aldean a member of the Illuminati and was the performance an Illuminati Ritual?

Itanimulli - did you know that if you spell Illuminati backwards and enter it into your browser search bar it links to the NSA?

Shout Your Abortion and Population Manipulation - a popular hashtag encouraged pro choice women to shout their abortions proudly, but we wondered if the current media obsession over the hotbed topic is just another Illuminati attempt at population control.

5 Reasons Why the Illuminati Probably Doesn't Exist - Sure, we want to believe that the Illuminati exists but we do have some doubts.

Church of Beyoncé in San Francisco - the pop-star is a rumored Illuminati member (along with her husband Jay Z) but the false idol worship reached new heights when a Church dedicated a worship service to her.

Identifying Illuminati Members - We compiled a list of tell tale signs that a coworker just might be a member of the secret organization.

List of Masonic Presidents - Ever wonder how many Presidents were also Freemasons? It's a lot.

Was Mac Miller an Illuminati Sacrifice? We looked at all the theories and circumstantial evidence to reach our conclusion.

​"Satanic" Hillary Clinton New Balances - a strange pair of New Balance sneakers was autographed by the Clinton's


Artificial Telepathy - we came across a patent that suggests scientists are working on ways to allow us to 'plug in' to the mind and thoughts of others.

Facial Recognition May Lead to False Arrests - with the implementation of facial recognition into everyday aspects of our lives, many wonder if the technology could be misused or even lead to a false arrest. We reported on one teen who claims it happened to him.

Facebook Re-Education Camps Is social media post flagging the new form of book burning?

Facial Recognition: Why it is Still a Controversial Technology A few reasons why you should be skeptical about the technology

Genetic Testing Kits - many people have bought kits to trace their ancestral origins, but who exactly has access to the information gathered?

Implications of Facial Recognition and Social Media - a popular social media challenge asked people to post a current photo along with one from the past. It seemed like it was all in fun - but does Facebook have more sinister reasons to gather population aging data?

Science and the Appeal to Authority - let's not forget that "scientists" are paid to discover something.

WTF is Amazon Promoting? Amazon has come under fire many times for recording user conversations and giving questionable answers on its Alexa devices, but this reader submitted post makes us wonder if there really is an agenda behind the largest retailer in the world.


Alternative Big Bang Theory - Adam and Eve may have been interstellar voyagers responsible for the Big Bang.

UFO's - the question of all questions. Is there life on other planets? It's a huge topic to tackle, but one of our writers gives you a starting point.

Nazis and Space Travel - a story from Germany that says a model kit was taken off store shelves for suggesting that the Nazis achieved space travel.

Why are Aliens Visiting Earth? One of our writers collects some theories on alien visitation, and suggests a few of his own.

The Roswell Report - the most famous UFO crash in history. First the Air Force said it was a UFO, then they said it wasn't

Revisiting the Alien Autopsy Frenzy - it was supposed to be the biggest event in history, a recovered alien body. But it turned out to be a hoax, though some refuse to accept it.

What happens if you try to enter Area 51? a few people have tried, it doesn't turn out well.

More Info About the Helicopters at Area 51 - some information confirming the "Ghost Squadron" that guards Area 51

Alternative Theories on the Roswell Crash - just like it sounds, alternative ideas about what happened in Roswell

Is Disclosure Happening Due to Government Panic Over UFO's? Lots of rumours are swirling about UFO disclosure. Is the goverment afraid of what they might be?

Weird Conspiracies

Birds Aren't Real – the CIA has hoaxed the existence of birds as a way to monitor the population. Turns out this conspiracy is a money making hoax.

Chuck E. Cheese - Does the popular children's restaurant recycle its pizzas? That's what one conspiracy claims.

Is the Wall a Way to Trap Americans? Everyone knows that President Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, and some on social media suggested ulterior motives to the Wall. We took a look at the conspiracy and considered the possibility of gun control and Agenda 21.

Mattress Store Money Laundering - Is Mattress Firm laundering money? Probably not.

Secret Message in Trumps Presidential Alert? A funny meme that circulated and wondered if Trump was sending us a message in plain sight.

Tuna Price Fixing - ever wonder why the price of canned tuna is so high? This one turned out to be true.


Baseball and 9/11 - A pitcher from the Cleveland Indians was accused of scrawling a conspiracy message into the pitchers mound between pitches.

9/11 Stickers - a reader sent us a picture he took at a local Walmart saying that 9/11 was an inside job. The stickers have popped up around the country and have been shared on social media.

Weird Conspiracy Links Dave Mustaine to 9/11 - Did a popular heavy metal musician have insider information on 9/11? This 4Chan conspiracy theory says yes.

Various Conspiracies

A Giant In Japan - a video claimed to have been filmed in 1890 showing a giant walking on the streets of Japan. It's a hoax.

A List of Ridiculous Things That Have Been Called Racist - if you believe the media, racism is everywhere.

Military Guinea Pigs Under Bill Clinton: Executive Order 13139 - This Executive order signed by Bill Clinton forced military service members to receive an anthrax vaccine with known side effects. Of course, a friend of Clinton's served to profit from the sale of the vaccine.

The Notre Dame Cathedral Burning - a religious icon burned to the ground during renovation. Some wonder if it was intentional.

Osama Bin Laden Was Addicted to Porn - more of an urban legend, but it turns out that the al-Qaeda terrorist was a bit of a freak.

Playboy and the CIA Connection - Hugh Hefner and the Playboy bunnies had access to some of the most powerful and influential people in the world. Did Hefner provide the secret conversations recorded in the Playboy mansion to the CIA?

Post Malone Calls out the US Government - Popular Millennial Rapper Post Malone voiced his opinion on lies.

The Simpsons - the popular cartoon seems to keep predicting events like a crystal ball. From 9/11 to Donald Trump as President, the show is the Nostradamus of television.

Should You Trust Snopes? Many people turn to the popular fact checking site to see if a rumor is true. But it turns out Snopes may have ulterior motives.

Stochastic Terrorism - We have begun to wonder if the trend to label everything as hate speech is simply a way to limit the freedoms of the First Amendment.

​Subliminal Messaging in the Democratic Debate - Reddit users pointed out some interesting themes during the Democratic debate. We watched it and think they are on to something.

Is Taxation the New Slavery? Not many things in life are guaranteed. But taxes are. That's why some call taxation slavery.

Why Isn't There More Female Conspiracy Theorists? The media wants you to believe that conspiracy theorists are a bunch of old white guys who are angry at the world. Do they have an agenda?

The 5 Best Places for QAnon Research - the Q movement is growing, but new researchers don't often know where to start. Our guide will get you started.

Conspiracy Theories of the Left - contrary to popular belief, it's not just right wingers who push conspiracy theories.

Is the Current Ammo Shortage Fake? A lot of gun owners are wondering why ammo prices are so high and think there might be a conspiracy behind the shortage.