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Not Sexy: Jean Speeedo's

You might want to stay away from the beach this summer since a new 'fashion' trend is being marketed to men: jean speedo's. As if the Speedo wasn't awkward enough, fashion designers have found a way to up the gross factor by making what is essentially Daisy Dukes for men.

The 'Daytona Dong Sarong Jeado Swim Brief' is being sold by an online retailer called Shinesty for $40. What's even worse is that the retailer says the Speedo-style briefs run small so you should order a size up. And you know that the weirdos and hipsters who would wear these will not follow the advice.

Shinesty is relishing in the weird factor of their creation, saying that “It is like eating a bag of chips in church. Everyone looks over at you with disgust, but deep down they want some too,” according to the product description. “These should be paired with caterpillar-style mustaches for optimal results.”

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