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A Squirrel in Seattle is Taking Cheetos from Unsuspecting People

A Squirrel in Seattle is Taking Cheetos from Unsuspecting People

A website called Insider reports that a squirrel named Kevin is haunting a Seattle city park, taking Cheetos from unsuspecting people. Kevin is such a menace that local residents are afraid to cross paths with the rogue squirrel.

Kevin is actually a female who will stop at nothing to get artificially cheesy snacks to appease her appetite. Though she has been described as "not aggressive" locals have reported that she will dig through strollers, bags, and even hands to get to snacks.

The squirrel has been spotted around Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington. The animal has been known to pry open bags or poke holes in containers although one grandparent told Q13 News that the animal is "not aggressive,"

Other witnesses to her antics say 'It's extremely scary. It's frightening.' One woman said the squirrel once climbed up her leg to get popcorn out of her hands. Some report harrowing tales.

"She'll go through zippers, tear through backpacks, strollers, climb into the stroller... very dexterous," a park-goer told Q13 News. And they're not the only one.

"That squirrel climbed into the stroller I WAS PUSHING and rummaged through everything," JiaYing Grygiel said in a Facebook post reviewed by KUOW. "It wouldn't leave, even with me freaking out and shaking the stroller. Luckily there was no baby in the stroller."

According to Fox, some parents shoo the animal away. But some think they need to be respectful of Kevin, as the park is where she dwells.

"This is Kevin's home," the parent told Fox News. "We need to be smarter about it than [just] shoo Kevin away."

But not everyone is a fan of Kevin. Jennifer Wright told KUOW that her 4-year-old son has had a nightmare about the animal and prefers not to see her at the park.

"It's a little annoying for parents," Wright said. "My son is apprehensive about coming to the park - 'Mom, I don't want to see the squirrel. We shouldn't bring snacks to the park.'"