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What is Sexy: Model Hunter McGrady

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has continued its theme of 'diversity' and is now featuring an obese model by the name of Hunter McGrady. The 26 year old from Westlake Village, California was found through a model search contest and is now the curviest model to every appear in the magazine. She stands in at 5'-11" and an estimated 238 pounds with a 45-inch bust and a 38-inch waist to go with hazel eyes and blonde hair.

Just last month, SI introduced 21-year-old Halima Adenn - a Somali-American model who wore a 'burkini' and hijab in her shoot. Adenn is also featured along side McGrady in the latest swimsuit offering. The idea behind the outside the box mix of swimsuit models is to encourage body positivity and acceptance, a message which we support, but many are wondering if McGrady is pushing the message too far - encouraging obesity acceptance despite the potential health consequences.

It's a valid concern and adding to that conversation are the past pictures of Hunter McGrady which show that she once had a rather slim frame which has added significant weight over the past few years. She says that she battled for years to maintain the 114 pound size 2 dress size she had earlier in her modeling career, and had a hard time getting modeling work due to the size of her hips even at that weight. Hunter says she feels much happier at her current size 16, and has found many more modeling gigs as part of the plus sized scene.

We have to say, it's hard to deny that McGrady is quite attractive but wonder if she is just riding the wave of plus sized acceptance. Looking at the images of her at different weights we think she looked best somewhere in the middle, but we are still going to give her the sexy vote and make her the subject of this weeks What is Sexy for the fellas who like their ladies a little larger.

Sure, Hunter McGrady isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea and that's ok. If she is, then you should enjoy the collection of pics and you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Either way, comment below and tell us: is Hunter McGrady pushing plus sized too far? Or is she a great example for young women who have a hard time maintaining a slimmer figure?

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