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Black Metal Barbie

Black Metal Barbie

Barbie dolls have been around a long time. The line of popular girls toys were first launched way back in 1959 and have sold millions of units world wide. Since the doll draws a lot of criticism for her physique and Anglo appearance, more recently Mattel has brought politically correct offerings to market through its Fashionistas line. Included are curvy dolls that look more realistic compared to modern body shapes, and more than 100 Barbie and Ken dolls featuring seven body types, 11 skin tones and 28 hairstyles.

Despite all that new found diversity, we have to wonder - why doesn't Barbie have any black metal girl friends? If Barbie is really wanting to capitalize on the "inclusive and diverse" trend, shouldn't she befriend the weird girl who sits at the back of the class wearing Bathory t-shirts? A woman named Gwenmarie White agrees with us and created a commercial for a black metal version of the doll called "Black Metal Barbie ~ or ~ Daughters of Northern Darkness". Check out her commercial below and tell us:

Would you let your Daughter play with a Black Metal Barbie?