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What is Sexy: Alexa Bliss

Normally, we are not into chicks that could kick our ass but sometimes a lady just has the kind of assets that make you take notice. That's the case with Alexis Kaufman AKA Alexa Bliss. The 5'1' blue eyed blonde gives us a reason to want to watch wrestling with nicknames such as Five Feet of Fury and Little Miss Bliss.

The former Division I cheerleader and competitive bodybuilder was born August 9, 1991 in Columbus, Ohio and made her wrestling debut on NXT back on May 8, 2014. She is now a regular appearing on WWE Raw. Weighing only 102 pounds, Alexa has won multiple titles making her one of the top female wrestlers in the sport today.

Bliss is known to incorporate her love of cosplay into her ring costumes by wearing Harley Quinn inspired outfits. Even though she looks punk or metal on stage, she says that she is a huge Disney fan and lists singing as one of her hobbies. Alexis earned her degree in Medical Dietetics from the University of Akron, making her as smart as she is sexy and worthy of this weeks What is Sexy collection below.

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