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Man Attacked by an Ostrich

Man Attacked by an Ostrich

We have reported on a few weird animal stories. There was the guy in Ohio who called the cops to report that he was being followed by a pig. Then there is the classic YouTube video of the guy boxing a kangaroo to save his dog. But this might be the weirdest of all.

A guy in South Africa named Tienie Van Wyk was hanging out with some friends when they noticed that they were being followed by an enormous ostrich. Oddly enough, Van Wyk has experience with the giant birds since he is a former ostrich farmer. He sensed that the bird was angry so he tried to slowly approach it in a peace making effort. He had no luck as the bird attacked and used its size to knock him over and began to claw and peck at him.

The bird seemed to be getting the best of him when his friends ran up to intervene. Seeing that it was outnumbered, the ostrich ran off. Luckily, Van Wyk didn't sustain any serious injuries from the ostrich attack but did report some scratches from the thorny bush he was knocked into. The lesson to be learned here is walk the other way if you see an ostrich in your neighborhood.