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Modified Roomba Swears When It Bumps into Stuff

The Roomba is a smart home gadget that does your vacuuming for you. Using a set of sensors, the device is able to detect dirt and clean your floors and carpets so that you can focus on other household chores. We owned one and it does a pretty decent job but have to admit, the Roomba is pretty boring. If your going to spend a couple hundred bucks on a gadget you expect it to be cool or do something fun. That's where a guy named Michael Reeves stepped in.

Reeves is a young inventor and hacker of sorts, known for taking everyday items and enhancing them to include unique functions. For example, he took a Tickle me Elmo and reprogrammed it to become what he calls "Trigger me Elmo'. The hacked doll is able to identify the race of who ever stares at it. Recently, Michael hacked a Roomba to curse anytime it bumps into something.

Reeves removed all electronics focused on cleaning and re-fitted the vacuum with some easily available hardware like a Raspberry Pi, radio receiver, Bluetooth speaker, and a handful of new sensors. Now when the Roomba bumps into something, a Raspberry Pi starts swearing over the Bluetooth speaker like a dad who just stumped his toe. It's pretty funny. The Roomba can also be remotely controlled to intentionally bump something, as Michael demonstrates in his 'product launch' at a Target store.

Check out other wacky inventions by Michael Reeves by visiting his YouTube Channel