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What is Sexy: Tennis Players

With spring here, it's time to get outside and burn some calories. A sport that just about anyone can participate in on the cheap is tennis. All you need is a racket and a can of balls since just about every neighborhood has a free court that you can play on. That makes tennis a great way to get a full body workout that will burn nearly 400 calories per hour since as you run, lunge and hit the ball - you are engaging every muscle in the body which will strengthen your legs, glutes, abs, shoulders, arms, back and chest muscles.

Another great reason to play tennis is that lots of hot women like tennis, like the ladies below in this weeks What is Sexy collection. We are not sure if they became hot by playing tennis, or if hot women are drawn to the sport but it doesn't really matter because we just enjoy the view. Lots of legs, skirts, and lean bodies running around getting their sweat on. Another bonus is that tennis can even enhance your sex life since you will be improving your cardiovascular endurance which makes it easier to engage in other aerobic activities without getting tired as quickly.

So what are you waiting for? Go out to the local tennis court and engage the opposite sex in conversation. Challenge her to a match, or bring a friend and challenge her and her friend to a doubles match. You're bound to be sweaty and tired after and can offer to buy drinks at a bar nearby. For the socially awkward who can't find the motivation to leave the house, scroll down and enjoy the pics of sexy tennis players doing what they do best.

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