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Buy Iowa Hunting, Fishing License with New App

Buy Iowa Hunting, Fishing License with New App

According to KCCI, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources announced Thursday a new state wide system that allows residents to buy and access their Iowa hunting or fishing licenses with an app.

The new app is called Go Outdoors Iowa, which was launched in February. The app makes it easier and more convenient for hunters and anglers to purchase their licenses, manage profile information, apply for quota hunts, and view regulations and report harvests to make sure their are meeting state guidelines.

"Anything like that for the hunter or fisher is super," said Todd Collins, who enjoys fishing along the Des Moines River.

The app can also be used to renew your license and store it on your phone to show an officer when requested. It stays on the device even if there's no cellular service or Wi-Fi. "Just make it easier – no tickets," Collins said.

Staff members with the Department of Natural Resources said because activity is cellphone-centric nowadays, it's something outdoor lovers have been requesting for a while. A spontaneous fishing or hunting trip won't be sidelined by having to get paperwork in order.

Alex Cross, the department's customer service and licensing supervisor, said the app will make it easier for fishers and hunters to "be able to pull out their phone, download the app quick and get their license right on the spot."

Having easy access with the app means there shouldn't be any excuses not to have a license with you. "If you don't have a fishing license, if they have this app and stuff, you're not playing by the rules," he said.

The app is available for free by clicking here or through the App store or Google Play store. You can still purchase your license the traditional way by visiting any license agent location in person.