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TV Show Ideas Part 3

unusual TV show ideas part 3

If your following our ongoing series of TV show ides, then you already know we have dropped some really good ideas that are ready for development right now. If you have not seen them, check out part one and part two. Netflix and HBO have yet to contact us, but we are not giving up. That's why this week we bring you our third round of TV show ideas. Check them out below and tell us if you would watch any of them.

unusual TV show ideas part 3

Dancer By Night

Tara is a down on her luck single mom and teacher who can't keep up with her student loans so she takes on a night job as a stripper. She has disavowed men since they are all 'pigs' but little does she know Tim, the burly bouncer, has a crush on her and is the perfect guy to make her feel cherished. Not a lot of plot, think of the the Client List with nudity.

unusual TV show ideas part 3

Fake Jake

Jake is a habitual liar who will say anything to get what he wants. Anything. He is so good at getting what he wants that he manages to scam a Lamborghini in episode one and convince a super model to sleep with him even though she finds someone else driver’s license in the car. Jake is such a scammer that he makes people look downright stupid since the audience can always see the scam right away.

Except when he tries to scam an undercover CIA operative who takes notice of his talents and offers him a job in lieu of jail time. Now Jake is an undercover agent who is able to adopt disguises and blend in with the locals. Every episode sees Fake Jake living as a new person in a new city, often in a new country. Jake is good at his job with one vice that always seems to get in the way - beautiful women. Tune in on Saturday nights for Fake Jake.

unusual TV show ideas part 3

Switcheroo – Girls Edition

A group of non-gender conforming feminists who insist that woman can do any job a man can are given the chance to prove it. Each week they take on a “mans job” where they are over matched by the physicality of the work. In week one the feminists play football against men in a no holds barred game. Several are hospitalized and refuse to show for episode 2. Those who do come back spend a day working manual labor. Each episode will have great ratings, but the attrition rate of the female cast is high. By the end of season one, a loner feminist remains who did fairly well throughout the season. Turns out it was a transvestite all along.

unusual TV show ideas part 3

Switcheroo – Boys Edition

In this spin off of the girls version of the show, alpha males take on “feminine” tasks like sewing, washing dishes, and other general household duties. They do pretty well at it, but get tired of their friends calling them beta and quit the show. Ultimately we learn that men and women are separate but equal, two sexes with natural talents and weaknesses but neither is superior.

unusual TV show ideas part 3

He Said She Said

Couples therapy filmed individually. It’s a feel good show where the couples learn to see things from the other perspective. The clincher is the therapist they talk with is hottttt AF, so we get to see them open up about their sex lives in a way they wouldn’t normally do - to the dismay of their significant other who sees it all on video. Maybe just maybe they have an inappropriate relationship with their therapist. This could be a reality show, or a scripted drama. We can leave that up to you.

unusual TV show ideas part 3

Too Many Hoes

Buck is a farmers son who inherits the family farm after his father suddenly dies. He had dreams of going to college and doesn't know much about farming, but does his best to keep things running smoothly and food on the table. It’s a struggle though because he doesn’t even know what half the equipment is.

Along the way he falls for Lara, the local farmers daughter with an acoustic guitar and dreams of Nashville. Lara is also the hottest girl in town and isn't afraid to get a little dirty. Of course, in small town America a guy who owns a farm is quite the catch, and all the local girls throw themselves at Buck. But he only has eyes for Lara. The show has lots of mud, lifted trucks, and redneckery - along with lovely country girls wearing cut off Daisy Dukes shorts.

unusual TV show ideas part 3

Edge of the World

We take a group of 10 flat earth conspiracy theorists, put them on a boat, and let them set sail to the far reaches of the globe as they search for the edge of the Earth. If they find it, they get ten hundred million billion dollars. This show could last indefinitely since, ya know, the Earth is not flat.

unusual TV show ideas part 3

Bohemian Grove

A spin off of Invited to the Illuminati, one of our previous ideas, Mark is an undercover reporter attempting to infiltrate a Bohemian Grove ceremony with one goal in mind: prove the Illuminati exists. But one night his identity is nearly revealed when he leaves his press credentials in a jacket pocket at the Bohemian Grove coat check. A CIA Operative named Veronica saves his ass by vouching for him before he is sacrificed in an Illuminati ritual.

The two then spend a steamy night getting to know one another and Mark falls in love with Veronica. Minutes before saying "I Do'" Veronica reveals her true identity to Mark - she is a Masonic High Priestess who is tasked with killing him, and the nuptials are the final step in an ancient ceremony to unleash a New World Order upon the Earth. The thing is, she really does love him and the two flee Bohemian Grove across global locales as the Illuminati try to kill them before their sinister secrets are revealed.

What do you think of our TV show concepts? Would you watch any of them?

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