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Not Sexy: Cuddling Strangers for Money

It's hard to deny the health benefits of cuddling: it's a stress reliever that can prevent depression and help with ailments like inflammation and high blood pressure. Not to mention, cuddling helps build intimacy with a partner and has shown to increase happiness due to the release of oxytocin - the trust hormone.

So it makes sense for couples to practice cuddling on a frequent basis to keep their relationship bonds strong. But pay a stranger to cuddle you? That's what a host of paid services are offering - for a fee complete strangers will fill your need to be cuddled. It's called cuddle therapy and the businesses say there is nothing sexual going on.

The first place to offer paid cuddling opened in 2012 in Akihabara, Tokyo. The area is known as being a geek culture district and was the perfect spot for Soineya - which means the "sleep together shop" - to open. The shop offers “the simple and ultimate comfort of sleeping together with someone” for a fee of $80.

Dubbed as a cuddle cafe for workaholics, they also offer a boat load of add on experiences at various rates. Things like sleeping in a girls arms, head petting, sleeping on the hosts lap, or seeing her change her clothes are extra 'experiences' you can purchase. The basic fee does include one minute of staring at each other - ya, know, to feel that connection.

Of course, entrepreneurs had to bring the finest of Japanese geek culture to America and copycat sites have popped up. The Snuggle House in Madison, Wisconsin offered a very similar cuddling and spooning service as "an exciting opportunity to receive the benefits of touch therapy in a nonsexual way and feel connected in a disconnected, digital world." One hour would set you back only $60. The location had three females and one male employed for cuddle services until it closed its doors due to 'harassment' by city officials who suspected it was a cover for prostitution.

Undaunted, people in need of cuddle buddies have united to form a nonprofit called the Cuddle Party Movement. The organization sets clear boundaries on what is allowed in their cuddle parties: non sexual contact. The cuddle fests are organized all over the country and you can donate to the cause! If you want to host your own cuddle session, it's first necessary to apply to become a 'Cuddle Party Facilitator' and take a 3.5 hour course that is taught in San Diego or available online. The site doesn't mention the costs, but were sure it ain't free. Maybe they charge to keep out the pervs. Who knows, but this sounds like a beta male Ponzi scheme.

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