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Man Accused of Using License Plate Flipper to Avoid Tolls

According to WPXI, a Houston man has been accused of using a license plate flipper to avoid tolls.

Preston Cody Talbot, 27, of Spring, Texas was charged with misdemeanor unlawful use of a criminal instrument after successfully avoiding $5,400 in tolls.

The law may call it a crime, we say its pure genius. Tolls are way overpriced.

Talbot was stopped Thursday on the Sam Houston Tollway and was found with a license flipper, a plate cover designed to temporarily cover a license plate with a black sheet, according to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office.

Officials said Talbot avoided paying $5,473.07 in tolls, KRTK reported. That is the equivalent of navigating the entire Sam Houston Tollway more than 600 times, the Chronicle reported.

Talbot was released after posting a $100 bond, the newspaper reported.

Before you go and try it, just about every state has a law against such devices. Laws usually say something like this: "It shall be the duty of the operator of any vehicle to keep the license plate legible at all times. No license plate shall be covered with any material unless the material is colorless and transparent".

Now for 'novelty purposes', you can get a license plate flipper on Amazon.