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Historic House of Aleister Crowley on Loch Ness For Sale

The ruins of the former home of Satanist Aleister Crowley has been put up for sale. It's on the market for £200,000 ($259,919 US Dollars). It comes along with over 22 acres of land that are perfect for family cookouts, cryptid observation, or witchcraft gatherings. Additional lots can be purchased for additional cost. It is a bit of a fixer upper but the houses history might make it just the right home for the paranormal enthusiastic or black arts practitioner.

Crowley lived in the house between 1899 and 1913 and performed black magic and Satanic Rituals in the Boleskine House which sits on the shores of Loch Ness - the place where the Loch Ness Monster is said to reside. Crowley was known to isolate himself in the house for months at a time to perform the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. The purpose of the ritual was to invoke ones guardian angel by summoning the 12 Kings and Dukes of Hell. Ark stuff indeed.

Originally constructed in the 1760's by Colonel Archibald Fraser as a hunting lodge, the grounds have a long history of paranormal events and is now believed to be haunted or cursed. The grounds were owned by musician Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin between 1970-1992. Page was fascinated by the writings of Crowley, collected memorabilia related to the black magic practitioner, and purchased the home thinking it would be a creative inspiration to his music but he spent little time living there. Rather, he left the restoration and care of the property to his friend Malcolm Dent. The man reported several strange occurrences in the house - including the snorting of a wild animal that banged against the door one night. The next morning he found no evidence of the creature but stated that "whatever was there was pure evil."

A major fire ripped through the Georgian Boleskine House in 2015, leaving it in its current dilapidated condition. An unnamed Dutch family inhabited the residence only to come home from shopping to discover it ablaze with flames as high as 20 feet reaching into the air. The fire left over 60% of the house destroyed and all thats left is some of the outer wall stonework. The current owner doubts that the home will ever pre restored unless a lover of the occult takes purchase of the property. The listing describes it as a unique renovation project. If you're interested in purchasing it, visit the Galbraith listing by clicking here.


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