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What is Sexy: Scuba Girls

A lot of people have a bucket list - things that they want to do before they die. One thing that that we have on our bucket list is scuba diving. It's a great way to observe aquatic life, and hopefully find some buried pirate treasure. As much as we love the beach and water, we still haven't checked the sport off our list. Something about going deep underwater with just a little tank of oxygen on our backs scares us. But we promise to do it soon, and with spring coming this just might be the year. Before you scuba dive though, you need to go through a certification process and learn the basics of how to use the equipment. The girls in this weeks What is Sexy not only are certified scuba divers, but sexy scuba divers at that. Even if much of them is hidden under the gear - you can tell they are legit hot. That's because scuba is a serious test of fitness and endurance. Check out the collection of underwater ladies and see if they inspire you to jump in the water with them.

Ok, the next two are just going snorkeling, but close enough:

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