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Superhero Projector Pens

Sometimes while you're in your cubicle at work you need to call for help. But the smelly guy a few seats over doesn't have what it takes. Heck, he still lives in his moms basement. What you need is a superhero. But how can you get the assistance you need in your time of emergency? Well, if you watch the movies then you know that you need to signal. Like send a call for help into the night sky. But who keeps a giant signal light in their desk drawer?

That's where these cool Superhero Projector Pens come in. Press the button, shine it into the distance and wait. Sure, Batman might not show up - the dude has crime to fight. I mean how important is it that you finish a PowerPoint that you waited to work on until it was due? But you will have fun with these desk top toys and pass the time until you can sneak out pass the boss' office door 5 minutes early. Get a Superhero Projector Pen on Amazon by clicking here.