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Tavour Beer Club Review

Tavour Beer Club Review

You’ve might have seen the ads pop up on your social feed for a beer delivery club called Tavour. We gave it a try and thought we would let you know what we think. First of all, it sounds like a great idea. A beer centric website that promises to deliver craft beers right to your door. They even make it easy for you by offering a Google Play app that lets you order right from your phone.

You get to pick a selection of beers and have them delivered to you. But these are not Bud Lights, These are exotic…err harder to find craft beers that give you the chance to sample brews from all over. We downloaded the app and signed up which was pretty easy. Confirm your age and log in using Facebook or create an account.

Then we get to the fun part - the beer. And this is where we were left disappointed. There just isn’t much to pick from. And the focus seems to be on IPA’s. We hate IPA’s. There was only one stout to pick from and it wasn’t cheap. In fact, none of the beers are that affordable. Sure price might not be that big a deal if you’re a tech geek working in the Silicon Valley or Austin, but for the average guy in middle America like us price is a factor. We are willing to pay a little extra for something new, but these beers feel like overpriced unknowns.

On top of that you have to pay $15 shipping which isn’t cheap. All said and done a six pack will set you back a minimum of $30 total for their cheapest beer. For a non-standout beer that's expensive. We have a local shop that has a big selection of single bottle craft beers available starting out a $2 a bottle. They will also custom order anything we want.

So Tavour might be an option if you’re really stuck in the middle of nowhere and can’t get to the type of specialty shop that most college areas and big cities have. As much as we love the idea, the actual app and choices are a bit stale. We think the idea might grow and be something really cool later on. But for now we deleted it and will check back in six months.

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