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What is Sexy: Girls in Metallica Shirts

We are seeing the appropriation of metal culture everywhere. Celebrities are showing up in paparazzi photos supporting all kinds of black metal and 80's hair metal band favorites by wearing faded and worn metal shirts. Pop and rap artists (we use the term loosely) like Iggy Azalea made the news earlier this year by wearing a Cradle of Filth Shirt, Rihanna rocked a jacket covered in metal patches, and even the Kardashian's came out as closet metal fans.

It's probably just a publicity stunt but we are glad to see some of our favorite metal bands getting a second look thanks to the trend. We doubt any of those chicks really listen to metal music, but the girls below do. And they support what is probably the BEST metal band of all time - Metallica. It doesn't matter if you're fan of the band pre or post Black album, you can't deny Metallica's place in metal history. They made metal mainstream and even if you think that's a bad thing, the attention placed on heavy music has allowed other bands to get attention.

Now it's time to place your attention on the ladies below, sexy and confident metal heads rocking their favorite Metallica shirts. Enjoy this weeks What is Sexy collection, then comment below and tell us what you think of women in Metallica shirts and the appropriation of metal culture.

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