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Helmet Distortion Pedal

One of the coolest bands from the 1990’s is Helmet. They may not be the best known GenX band, but if you give their 1992 definitive record “Meantime” a listen were pretty confident that you will become a devotee to their noise rock. They combined a grungy sound with a sort of industrial punk vibe. Probably best know for the anthemic song “Unsung” the band is still around. In fact, lead singer Page Hamilton has announced that he is releasing his own custom distortion pedal through Pro Tone Pedals.

The pedal should help give you that raw and over driven sound that Helmet was known for. It even comes autographed if you pre-order it through the site. Now of course, the pedal will do the majority of work in recreating the Helmet sound, but the whole guitar set up is going to effect the tone. Page Hamilton is known to use two main guitars in his setup - a 1989 ESP custom Horizon model and a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop.